Site Selection:
We assist our clients in selecting the most suitable sites for their clinical trials by conducting site feasibility assessments, site evaluation visits, and identifying potential investigators and study sites. Where necessary, we can also organise rapid perception surveys to understand community perceptions and decision making to join clinical trials prior to the commencement of clinical trials.
Site Monitoring:
We provide clinical monitoring services to ensure that the clinical trials are conducted in accordance with approved study protocols, ICH GCP guidelines, and local regulatory requirements. Our monitoring services include on-site and remote monitoring.
Site Training:
We conduct training for study staff on study protocol, ICH GCP guidelines, and site-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure that study teams are well equipped to conduct clinical trials to ensure compliance with the prevision of the GCP.
We monitor and report adverse events and serious adverse events during the conduct of clinical trials to ensure the safety of study participants.
Data Management:
We provide comprehensive data management services, including data capture, data validation, database design, query management, and statistical analysis.
Regulatory Services:
We provide regulatory services to ensure that clinical trials are conducted in accordance with local regulatory requirements. Our services support regulatory submissions, ethics committee submissions, and obtaining import/export permits for investigational products and biological samples.
Patient Recruitment:
We assist trial sites improve their recruitment strategies of study participants by working together to identify potential participants, and design recruitment and retention approaches that enhance recruitment as well as ensure high retention of enrolled participants in accordance with the GCP provisions.
Project Management:
We provide project management services to ensure that clinical trials are conducted in accordance with the study plan, budget, and timelines.
Public Health Services:
We provide public health services to improve health outcomes and support the implementation of health projects, assist with programming and systems improvement. Our services include health policy analysis, program design, implementation and evaluation, and capacity building.
Qualitative Research:
We provide qualitative research services and trailed research training to meeting specific individual and organizational needs in data collection, analysis, and reporting to inform strategic reforms and improve performance of health projects, programs, and systems.
Quantitative Research:
Our services include conducting surveys, cohort studies, etc.